ROYCON blocks are produced to confirm with the requirements of BS 6073 and Local order No 44:1990 of Dubai Municipality Specifications
ROYCON blocks have an average maximum drying shrinkage complying with BS 6073 Typically 0.05%
Crushed aggregate is obtained locally and regular inspections are made at the quarry. All deliveries to the Works are examined for grading and cleanliness, and selected to meet standard requirements and are supported by test reports from time to time. All cement used is manufactured locally and supplied to us in bulk pressure carriers. Test certificates are obtained weekly and confirm compliance with BS 12 or BSS 4027, depending on type.

Salt contents are contained within the limits normally recommended as good practice for producing structural concrete.

These are taken to be So3 - 4.0% and Nacl - 0.5% of the cement content.

Typical values for Roycon blocks, when using ordinary Portland Cement are:

  So3 Nacl
Hollow Blocks 2.98 0.32
Solid Blocks 3.41


Note : Percentage of cement content by weight.
ROYCON Blocks are Approved by Dubai Municipality
ROYCON is Managed by Professionals from the field for over a Decade
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