Roycon - Luminous Eye is fixed at Mamzar Park Jetty Area as a safety indicator and appreciated by Dubai Municipality Personnel and Many visitors to the area. Well appreciated by Local Press...
Eyeing road safety
New solar-powered, light-emitting markers in the market
By Karen Smith

makes it an economical and low maintenance device in comparison to other illuminating posts and gadgets.

 Being abundantly available and the least polluting of known energy sources, solar power utility reduces electricity cost. 

In addition, the compact size of the luminous marker make it easy to transport and facilitates installation by using adhesive agents. Durability against the impact of weathering has also been considered by using a policarbonate cover case. 

"We are offering this product to local contracting and construction companies for employment in road work Projects, for parking facilities and other public or private properties," say Reddy. 

The end of the corniche in the Mamzar Park area of Dubai has been lined with these luminous markers to designate the jetty. There is a row of flashing tiles that separate the road from the edge of the water, warning driven of danger at the boundary.

The road marker or Roycon - Luminous Eye is now available in the Emirates

Driving in remote areas without proper lighting in the night can be quite Challenging. The lack of visibility in dark streets or proper warning against diversions, sudden barriers or prohibited areas can be disconcerting and dangerous. As a feasible safety measure to overcome motorists' concern nation-wide, the Roycon-Luminous Eye has been introduced in the Emirates. 

This is a light-emitting curbstone marker with lead, reflectors and a solar battery. Measuring about the size of your palm, the square-shaped gizmo flashes coloured light to indicate road ends and borders. It operates automatically from sunset to sunrise, and works entirely on solar power. 

"For a country that has the privilege of sunshine for almost 350 days in the year, capitalising on solar energy is a viable option," says Madhu Reddy, sales manager of ROYCON.

He explains that the application of a solar battery in the Roycon Luminous Eye

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